Sponsorship Benefits

Technologies constantly change and improve, and competition is stiff. Add the fact that more and more development is in the front end of web applications, and your front enders staying up-to-date is critical for your company’s ability to stay relevant!

Devsigner brings together the latest technologies and combines them with solid design and coding principles, then throws in a little peer review and networking on top. It’s the dream conference for a front ender in a sea of change!

But we need your help to make it happen...here’s what’s in it for you:

  • You can charge more for your services by using your complimentary tickets to keep your team members up-to-date
  • Relevant web-apps = Happy clients who like to pay and stick around
  • Save money and billable time by maximizing your front ender’s time and interests at a conference that doesn’t treat front end development as backend development’s wingman

Need to add good front-end devs and designers to your team? This is a perfect place to connect with people who care about the work they do, and know how to do what’s best for you and your clients!

  • Just add $400 to any sponsorship and get a “We’re Hiring” emblem next to your logo/name in your sponsorship category.
  • No need to sift through catch all job sites, let the best front enders come to you!

Not sure what level of involvement you want? Our sponsorship levels start at $100 on up to make it easier to find the right fit. Spaces are limited, so contact us now to reserve your spot!

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