Back-end developers: We want YOU! We're looking for session leaders for all kinds of technical sessions. This is the time to show off that new framework you've been playing with, teach non-technical people some css/sass, or explain to designers how you turn their ideas into reality.
Devsigner is about reaching across the front end/back end divide. We're in need of sessions from developers that bridge that gap – or at least explain basic back-end concepts for beginners.

But what does that look like? Well, think about the things you wish you knew when you were starting out – or the things you wish designers knew about your job. Add a hand-out with a few links, and voila! You have a talk.

Maybe you have an exciting new technology to share with everyone. That's great! We're excited to hear what you're working on.

Here's ideas to get you started:

NON-SLEAZY SEO – the term SEO can send the worst kinds of chills up your spine. Tell us about basic SEO techniques that actually work, and the ones that don't.

A CRASH COURSE IN GIT FOR DESIGNERS – Designers have their own ways to do version control, but they've certainly heard of GIT. Give designers a run-down on the way developers use GIT so we can all start speaking the same language.

HOW TO STAY RELEVANT AND UP TO SPEED – This one is a doozy. All devs have a their own strategies for staying current, but where should new devs start? What sources do you think are overlooked, even by senior devs?

BUILD AN APP! – pick your favorite language and show us how to build anything from a to-do list to a website to a game. This would be a hands-on workshop where everyone would build along with you. We want several of these going, if possible. We're especially looking for workshops in React Native, Angular, Foundation, and Middleman/Jekyll.

BUILD SYSTEMS – Yeoman, Grunt, and Gulp. There's a lot of interest in automating parts of development, but who really needs to use it?

MARKDOWN AND SASS FOR JEKYLL -- Stretch the functionality of Jekyll with more than just the basics of HTML/CSS.

The deadline for workshops is coming up soon! Ready to lead a workshop? Sign up now!