Hands-on Workshop

Integrating Pattern Lab Prototyping into a CMS Build

Evan Lovely

I love Pattern Lab and you should too :) It's a static site generator that handles many roles: style guide, wire framing and prototyping tool with support for html partials that lends to creat

Adventures in Time Travel and Parallel Universes: An Introduction to Git

Dan O Muzyka

Have you ever been in this situation? You, or someone who works with you, just made a bunch of code changes to your website, and now it's broken?

Making Things Smart

Robert Gallup

Life is increasingly mediated by digital technology.

Working through the Design Process: Just like therapy

Andrea Burton

We have all been there. The beginning of a project. Or the beginning of the next great idea. Or the RFP from a client of some amazing feature or product they want you to build for them.

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