Devsigner Proposals: We Need You!

Your demo's in an hour, and you are adding in javascript, changing the sass mixins, and refreshing like a mad scientist. All while doing your best to keep the balance between your spec, and the long-term needs of the design on deadline.

Yup, you are a web designer, which means you dwell between the land of colors and code every day. You fill the gap between the desires of your clients/managers, and the needs of the users on every decision with style.

Front end developers often play project interpreter, all while mastering an ever shifting toolset. But unfortunately finding support is not always as easy as going to the local language based group when you use so many tools.

That's where Devsigner comes in. Not only do you get to gather with your colleagues who face the same struggles, but you also get the chance to give back. Sharing what makes your day better, so that someone else can have a good Monday.

No need to love public speaking, or always be the loudest at the table. We crave insights from all personalities. All you have to do is be willing to share a tip, a trick, or a problem that you have solved!

There is so much to being a front ender that we all have something to share. You can talk about your favorite workflow, tool, or the easiest way you've found to navigate tough exchanges in meetings. Deadline is this weekend, so take your biggest pain/victory/solution and turn it into a proposal that will make someone's day. Looking forward to seeing you in four weeks!