Session Speakers Experience Format
1 Weird Layout Trick UI Devs Use to Avoid Floats! Flexbox will shock you! Devsigners Hate Him! Scott Vandehey
10 Common Mistakes Freelancers Make When They Start Out Lisa Ann Jansen
3d printing a love story? Peter Bliss
Adventures in Time Travel and Parallel Universes: An Introduction to Git Dan O Muzyka
Angular JS Promises: From Service to Template Cesar Jimenez
Ballin' on a Budget: Creating Great Design Regardless of Scope Josh Riggs
Building a museum without walls Marc Moscato
Building a Scaleable and Sustainable Design System Micah Godbolt
Creating a Drupal 8 theme from scratch Michael Prasuhn
Dear Designers... Chris Martin
Discovery Projects: Strategies for Defining the Opportunity Tom Martin
Handling media in Drupal Jesse Hofmann-Smith
How to talk to your dev about CSS Chuck Lauer Vose
Humanist Interface: Aesthetics and Usability Eli Schiff
If I Only Had a Frame(work): Crafting Experiences Across 3rd-Party Systems Brett Meyer
If I Only Had a Frame(work): Crafting Experiences Across 3rd-Party Systems Lev Tsypin
Implementing a Content-Security-Policy Dylan Tack
Infinite things. Generative art in the physical world. Chris Adams
Integrating Pattern Lab Prototyping into a CMS Build Evan Lovely
Left Brain, Right Brain: Ten Years as a Design Entrepreneur Lindsey Hammond Charlet
Making Things Smart Robert Gallup
Merging "Requirements" with Real Life Possibilities or How to Speak Client Sarah Prasuhn
Middleman; Static Site Development with Ruby Reid Blomquist
One Woman's Non-traditional Path to Code Letta Raven
Optimization is User Experience Eric Paxton
Overcoming Imposter Syndrome Dan Linn
Painting The Perfect Sunset: Better Colors For The Web Justin McDowell
Poetry for Robots Corey Pressman
Say This Not That? A Platform For Compassionate Communication Yee Won Chong
Shh, this won't hurt a bit: Teach, Don't Talk Kristen Gallagher
Teacher’s Guide to Ed Design Peter Pappas
Test Your Fancy-Pants Websites for Accessibility Amber Himes Matz
The State of Static Greg Boggs
Train Anyone to Do (Almost) Anything Liza Dyer
Virtual Reality & the Web Browser with WebVR Kent Bye
Working through the Design Process: Just like therapy Andrea Burton
You Don’t Suck Jeremy Rasmussen